Product Code: InAkustik AC-1502-P6

InAkustik AC-1502-P6

11 490,- Kč


Výrobce InAkustik

The Reference power bars filter unwanted interference out of the power supply, without introducing additional source impedance. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, they provide maximum dynamics, even for extreme loads. Their full shielding and special filters prevent radio frequencies from being received. Solid power bars in the power strips distribute the power homogeneously to all outlets.

  • Fully-shielded metal housing 
  • Foil shielding 
  • Ferrite filter in the plug (in-plug filter); 2Y filter in the strip 
  • Power bars (8 mm²) for homogenous power distribution 
  • Phase markings on the plugs and sockets 
  • Conforms to VDE and CE